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Please use this page to access your Iris Kashflow and Iris Openspace accounts. If you have any difficulty accessing your accounts please contact us.

Kashlow accounting software has been designed to help the owners of small businesses be in complete control of the finances of the business and allow them to manage the accounts on their terms anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of Iris Kashflow include:

We provide full support at all times as well as access to resources in the KashFlow Knowledge Base,

HMRC recognises Kashflow as compliant software for Making Tax Digital,

KashFlow is designed to simplify accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses and does not requires a large amount of expertise or experience with accounting software.

Accountants in Chester | Phillips & Co | IRIS Kashflow

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IRIS OpenSpace provides secure document sharing which overcomes the challenges faced with timely document approval, payments, and exchanging confidential information over unsecured email.

Iris integration means that Openspace is always accessible and working on any device to provide a seamless user experience.

The benefits of Openspace include:

Confidential files are shared on a secure platform to meet GDPR requirements,

Client electronic approvals can be gained instantly on vital documents at busy times,

Reminders can be scheduled for clients to provide tax information, document approvals and payments.

Accountants in Chester | Phillips & Co | IRIS Openspace

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